The Great American Beer Festival 2017

I've left Cascadia and ventured to Denver, Colorado where I was fortunate enough to attend The Great American Beer Festival 2017. This is my first time at the festival and had such a great experience that I've documented in this episode. 

I've come to Denver to not only learn about trending beers from around the country but also to see how influential the Pacific Northwest has been in the brewing industry.

Day 1 Interviews:

Me with Charlie Papazian

Me with Charlie Papazian

Charlie Papazian - Founder of the Brewers Association & The Great American Beer Festival
Josh Howard & Dane Skousen - Focus on the Beer
Cat Weist - Seabright Brewery & Co-President Pink Boots Society SF Bay Area
Matt Parker - Deschutes Brewery
Julia Herz - Craft Beer Program Director at the Brewers Association

Mermaid Tail Ale - Seabright Brewery

Mermaid Tail Ale - Seabright Brewery

The Great American Beer Festival 2017
"Woody" from Deschutes Brewery

"Woody" from Deschutes Brewery

Day 2 Interviews:

Bart Watson - Chief Economist at the Brewers Association
Sara Nelson - Fremont Brewing
Billy McDivitt - Open Door Brewing Co.
Kyle Sherwood - Wormtown Brewing
Annie Johnson - PicoBrew
Craig Christian - RoofTop Brewing Co.

Day 3 Interviews:

Erin Hamrick - Dry Dock Brewing
Steve Wilson - Gatlinburg Brewing Company
Tim Winning - Jessup Farm Barrel House
Kyle Spoon - Sunriver Brewing Co.
Ryan Heefner - Smile, We Get To Make Beer & NoDa Brewing Co.
Mack Cummings - GABF Volunteer
Brian Lenz - Black Bottle Brewery
Jon Hawkins - Bandon Brewing Company
Dylan Schatz - Mad River Brewing

Congrats to friends of the podcast for winning at The Great American Beer Festival 2017

Chuckanut Brewing - Gold (German-Style Koelsch) & Gold (Munich-Style Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager)

Wander Brewing - Gold (Export Stout)

Ground Breaker Brewing - Gold (Gluten-Free Beer)

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Podcast created and hosted by: Aaron Johnson
Recorded on location at The Great American Beer Festival - Denver, CO
Editing & mixing by: Aaron Johnson
Theme music by: A:M (Aaron Johnson & Danny Moffat)